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About Hopper Legal Consulting Services

Don Hopper formed Hopper Legal Consulting Services in 2014. Hopper Legal Consulting Services shares office space with Harrison & Moberly, LLP where he is a Partner. Harrison & Moberly, LLP has offices in downtown Indianapolis, Carmel and Lebanon, IN.


Don is an experienced senior attorney who has practiced law in small, medium and large Indiana communities

  • He has an excellent reputation within the Indiana legal community
  • He has relationships with senior and junior attorneys throughout the state
  • He has experience in matching senior and junior attorneys


Mission Statement of Hopper Legal Consulting Services

Expanding legal services to Indiana citizens and communities by helping solo and small law firms transition their law practices for value to junior attorneys or law firms who want to build upon their legal legacies.


What is Law Practice Succession Planning?

Law practice succession planning is the development and implementation of a plan to protect an attorney’s clients and continue their legal legacy. It is coming to terms with the fact that our legal careers are finite and deciding to develop and implement a plan.


Don is willing to meet with attorneys in person to discuss their law practice and help them develop a succession plan that fits their desires and law practice.



Office Information

Hopper Legal Consulting Services

10 West Market Street, Suite 700

Indianapolis, IN 46204